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Emergent News

The introduction of centrally corrected national tests is accelerated in Sweden

December 07, 2023

There are big differences in how different teachers assess the national tests. Therefore, the government wants to make it possible to introduce centrally corrected national tests earlier than planned. The government proposes that SEK 133 million be set aside for 2024 for the work of introducing digital and centrally corrected national tests.

Digital national secondary education exams advance this year in a pilot project

December 06, 2023

The president of IAVE guarantees that he will assume responsibility if something does not go well with the process of national tests in digital format.

Inces strengthens its internationalist character by delivering high school degrees in Ecuador

December 05, 2023

This initiative demonstrates the ability of Inces to serve compatriots abroad and enhance their skills, facilitating their job placement.

South Koreans Take First Mask-Free College Exam Since Pandemic

December 04, 2023

Half a million South Koreans sat for the annual nationwide college entrance exam, the first time in four years that the exam, often considered life-defining in the highly competitive society, has taken place free of pandemic rules.

Brazil Minister of Education rules out canceling Enem after images of the test were leaked prematurely

December 04, 2023

Minister stated that these were "one-off occurrences" and that the PF is investigating to provide a response

Singapore MOE announces school terms and holidays for 2024

December 01, 2023

The 2024 academic year will begin on Jan 2 for MOE kindergarten, primary, secondary and post-secondary schools.

Algeria Bans French Educational Curriculum amid Worsening Disputes with Paris

December 01, 2023

Algeria’s Ministry of Education has warned more than 500 private schools against using the French curriculum, threatening to resort to the judiciary in the event of non-compliance with the decision, which comes in the context of the conflict between the two countries over the history of France’s colonial past in Algeria.

Design thinking skills needed for the future workforce - Singapore’s education ministry

December 01, 2023

In his opening address, Singapore’s Minister for Education, Chan Chun Sing, shared how Singapore could use design thinking to its strategic advantage.

Leaving Cert reforms: Teacher-based assessment dropped due to impact of AI

November 30, 2023

Norma Foley has suspended plans to have parts of the Leaving Cert assessed by teachers, citing the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on education.

Ireland Leaving Cert cheats have 594 grades permanently withheld

November 30, 2023

The State Exams Commission (SEC) has permanently withheld almost 600 grades from students found to be cheating in their Leaving Certificate over the last 10 years, figures provided to the Irish Examiner show.


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