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Subscribe to EDGE

Ready to subscribe to EDGE? There’s some important information to know first.

Subscription Period

EDGE is an annual subscription. In the twelfth month, the User Roster will be frozen until the subscription is renewed. A thirteenth month is included in the subscription as a grace period for renewals.


Small Business Discount 

Businesses grossing less than $500,000 annually may qualify for a 40% discount. You will need to upload one of the following forms. (This information is only used for eligibility purposes and will be held confidentially).

  • Schedule C
  • 990
  • 1120 - S
  • Audited Financial Statements

Membership Discount

AACRAO Members qualify for a discounted Subscription to EDGE. See the chart below!


Not sure if you're a member? Check here.


Intake Form

Subscription (Billing) Contact Information

These fields are to create a user that will be used to make payments.

Need help finding your IPEDS ID?

EDGE Manager

The EDGE Manager (it can be the same as the Subscription Contact) is the first user of your subscription and will be responsible for adding new users, removing those that no longer need access or designating a new EDGE Manager.

Subscription Details

CategoryMember StatusUp to 2 usersUp to 10 usersUp to 30 usersUnlimited
InstitutionalAACRAO Member $660$1400$2225
Non-Member $910$2200$3575
Non-InstitutionalAACRAO Member $2500$3165$3990
Non-Member $3025$4125$5500


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Schedule C, 990, 1120 - S or Audited Financial statements.


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Self-paced courses aligned with our competency and proficiency framework, AACRAO's on-demand training will build your skills and enhance your resume. 

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The International Institute

The AACRAO International Institute covers promising practices for the evaluation of international credentials that combines AACRAO’s On-Demand International Series with five, two-hour, virtual instructor-led training sessions.

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