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In Ontario, most DSB1 test results below provincial average

June 06, 2024

The District School Board Ontario North East (DSB1) heard about this year's strategic academic plan results at the previous meeting. The numbers show the board has some work ahead of them to meet the provincial averages.

SSC success rate marginally up, 13k students score 90%+ in Mumbai division

June 04, 2024

The first SSC results to be announced in May, two weeks before its usual date, saw the success rate increase marginally this year compared with 2023 in both the state and Mumbai division, touching 94.9% and 93.9% respectively. This year, 15.1 lakh teenagers, including 3.4 lakh from the Mumbai division, cleared the state board Class X exam.

SSC exams end with 140 cheating cases registered

June 04, 2024

While the Class 10 State Secondary Certificate (SSC) exams ended today, the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) was able to control the number of cheating cases this year, and there were no incidents of paper leak which occurred in some parts of the state last year.

HSC exams start in June for Bangladesh

June 04, 2024

With HSC exams for the 2022-2023 academic year scheduled to begin on 30 June, marking the official end of classes, many colleges are sparking outrage by demanding tuition fees from students well into July and August.

The Celaá Law forces us to change dates, contents and questions of EBAU

May 31, 2024

Students who appear in June will know their grades on the 14th while those who do so in July will have to wait until the 9th.

Guinea national exam schedule revealed

May 31, 2024

After a slight reshuffle, the Ministry of Pre-university Education and Literacy has just made official the timetable for the conduct of national exams in Guinea.

Bac 2024: French, philosophy, grand oral… Here is the calendar of general bac exams

May 30, 2024

The 2024 general baccalaureate exams will traditionally begin with philosophy on June 18. The baccalaureate results will be posted in July.

Texas Education Agency using AI to grade parts of STAAR tests

May 29, 2024

The Texas Education Agency is using artificial intelligence to grade parts of the STAAR test. The TEA said the move is meant to save millions of taxpayer dollars that would have been spent on hiring current and retired teachers for grading student’s responses.

History and Philosophy will not increase their grade in the EBAU selectivity test

May 28, 2024

Andalusian students will not be able to use their grade in the History of Spain and History of Philosophy exam to raise their selectivity grade in the admission phase (which was previously known as the specific phase and which serves to raise it from a 10 to a 14).

The 'batxibac' or 'bachibac', a bachelor's degree that is on the rise: it gives a double degree that allows you to study in more universities

May 28, 2024

Thanks to an agreement between the Government of Spain and France, there is a bachelor's degree that combines degrees from both countries and is fashionable in Catalonia.


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