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The International Series offers a variety of courses specifically designed to support international admissions officers and international credential evaluation professionals in their continuing professional development. The International Series currently offers two courses on the methodology of international credential evaluation, The Basics and Transfer Credit, and eight additional courses on specific countries or systems. All courses in the Series utilize an interactive approach with hands-on exercises providing a real-life evaluation experience through the use of authentic credentials and documents.

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Intl Series
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International Credential Evaluation: The Foundations provides an overview of the fundamentals of international credential evaluation, and illustrate the ways in which international credential evaluation differs from its domestic counterpart in six modules.

Through a step-by-step approach and the use of hands-on exercises, learners will master the application of best practices for evaluating academic credentials for admission to both undergraduate and graduate programs. Material covered includes basic strategies, a systematic approach to evaluation, educational models of the world, resources, accreditation/recognition, and fraud.

International Credential Evaluation: Transfer Credit introduces key concepts necessary for determining the amount of transfer credit in the U.S. for academic coursework done in another country. Programs and scenarios for consideration of possible transfer credit include short-term university programs, incomplete university programs, and study abroad. Learners are presented with authentic records and real-life scenarios to and make appropriate recommendations.

This course presents best practices on how to approach programs with credits, hours, those with no indicator of courseload, and marksheets, as well as how to determine upper and lower division coursework. Records featured are from England, Russia, Japan and India. Don’t forget your calculator as this course teaches you the mechanics of how to determine proper transfer credit amounts.

The International Series provides courses on specific education systems or regions. These courses provide a fundamental understanding of an educational system and the ability for the learner to apply standard industry methodologies to evaluate academic credentials for freshman and graduate admission. Learners will use analytical skills and judgment in comparing and contrasting educational models, national systems, international educational credentials and utilize primary resources to determine the recognition status of H.E.I.s, authenticity of records, grade conversion and credential recommendations. All courses in the International Series utilize a learner-centered approach with opportunities to engage with authentic international credentials and records, providing a demonstrable skill set to take back to your desk.

Current courses in the International Series that provide courses on specific education systems or regions include:
  • China
  • Egypt
  • Europe and the Bologna System
  • External Exam-based Systems
  • Francophone Africa
  • India
  • The United Kingdom
  • The Soviet System and Beyond



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