On-Demand Learning

On-Demand Learning

Self-paced courses aligned with our competency and proficiency framework, AACRAO's on-demand training will build your skills and enhance your resume. 

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  • The Compliance Corner
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    The AACRAO mini-series of courses in the Compliance Corner provides an overview of federal statutory and regulatory requirements that often fall under the purview of the registrar, admissions, or enrollment services offices on campus. Topics include FERPA Basics, GDPR vs FERPA, Solomon Amendment, Clery Act Basics, Voter Registration, Constitution Day, and Decennial Census.

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  • FERPA Foundations
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    This self-paced course familiarizes learners with proper regulatory terminology and compliance practices related to the handling of education records.

    The course is divided into four sections: Assessment, Definitions, Compliance, and Exceptions, and each section will familiarize you with proper regulatory terminology and compliant practices related to the handling of education records.

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  • The International Series
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    The International Series offers a variety of courses specifically designed to support international admissions officers and international credential evaluation professionals in their continuing professional development. The International Series currently offers two courses on the methodology of international credential evaluation, The Fundamentals and Transfer Credit, and eight additional courses on specific countries or systems. All courses in the Series utilize an interactive approach with hands-on exercises providing a real-life evaluation experience through the use of authentic credentials and documents.

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  • Registrar's Self-Assessment
    Members: $199 | NonMembers: $340

    The Self-Assessment serves as a practical guide with which registrars can candidly:

    • survey their own office procedures and staff members;
    • consider factors impacting compliance, customer service, and current practice; and
    • weigh options to formulate action plans and execute procedural improvements based upon their assessments.
    The recommendations found in the Self-Assessment support the implementation of best practices in the Office of the Registrar and are based on a consensus from working professionals in the field. The Self-Assessment is formatted as a set of questions designed to prompt data collection and analysis. Overall, the design mimics the approach a consultant would use if hired to evaluate the operations of a registrar's office, in a cost-effective and easy-to-use format.


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  • History and Progress: 400 years of American Higher Education
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    This is a broad survey mini-course intended to give learners knowledge needed to identify and describe fifty-four of the hundred and fifty significant events and people in American higher education featured in the book A-Z History of American Higher Education - A Primer for SEM Leaders written by Kimberley Buster-Williams and edited by Dr. Christopher Tremblay.

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Coming Soon

Business Process Improvement

The AACRAO Series: Business Process Improvement introduces key concepts and methodologies necessary for any professional interested in improving their operations. Key concepts include understanding what business process improvement (BPI) is and why it is important, identifying parts of a process in need of improvement, and who needs to be invited to the party to create a strong team. This course will provide the fundamentals on how business process improvement can be used to effectively manage change.

Records Management

The AACRAO Series: Records Management introduces key concepts necessary in records management in higher education. Key concepts include understanding what records management is and why it is important, identifying who needs to be invited to the party, how to differentiate between different types of records, and the policies and procedures necessary to manage them well. This course will also provide the fundamentals on the when, why, and how of records destruction.

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