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Vocational high school students will have a second chance

September 27, 2021

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During the months of September and October, the extraordinary call for the official professional baccalaureate test (POB PRO) of the Andorran education system will take place. It will be open to face-to-face and free candidates who wish to improve the qualification obtained in the ordinary call of the official test of professional baccalaureate (POB PRO) of the Andorran education system and who have presented in the ordinary call of the 2021 school year. 

The impact of the health emergency situation caused by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic was evident in the students' results, which were not as expected. The reduction in the number of hours of training stays due to the pandemic influenced the learning process and the development of the technical-professional and general skills of the various branches of vocational training of students.

Faced with this exceptional situation, and in order to give candidates another opportunity to complete their training process to obtain the title of professional baccalaureate or improve the qualifications obtained in the previous call, the new call will be carried out between the September 27 and October 1 in the morning at the Adult Training Center, located in the Columns Building. Masters in computer engineering, in Catalan language and literature and in the humanities

This Wednesday, the decree of the curriculum for the master's degrees in computer engineering, in Catalan language and literature and in the humanities of the Universitas Europaea IMF was also approved. The approval of these three official degrees has been carried out after the favorable accreditation issued by the Agency for the Quality of Higher Education (AQUA) which has validated the curriculum. The three master's degrees can be taken from the next academic year 2021-2022 at the Universitas Europaea IMF. Grants to youth associations and service organizations

The Council of Ministers also approved this Wednesday the 2021 call for aid to youth associations and organizations that promote projects aimed at non-profit youth. One of the main objectives of these grants is the promotion of youth associations and support for projects of special interest aimed at young people aged between 16 and 30 years. It seeks to influence the promotion of activities and the promotion of the associative fabric of the country and the participation of young people in society. The rules of the call can be picked up at the Government Procedures Service or downloaded from the websites or

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