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Vietnam Ministry of Education explains the postponement of the IELTS test

November 21, 2022

Original Article:

The original article requires translation. 

According to the Ministry of Education and Training, a number of units have stopped organizing international language certification exams, including IELTS, because they have not yet completed the application or have not completed the application for approval according to regulations.

"That shows the respect and observance of Vietnamese law by organizations and units," Deputy Minister Nguyen Huu Do said in a document sent to the press on the afternoon of November 10.

According to the representative of the Ministry of Education and Training, the joint organization of foreign language proficiency certification exams in Vietnam is specified in Decree No. 86 2018 of the Government on foreign investment cooperation. in the field of education. However, some provisions in this Decree were not specific, so later, the Ministry of Education and Training issued Circular No. 11 dated July 26, 2022 specifying the conditions. Mr. Do affirmed that this circular has been widely consulted and received the consensus of domestic and international units.

The Ministry of Education and Training has guided the parties through many channels (directly, phone, email) and urgently appraised, but the dossiers of request for approval of the association of many examination organizations have not met the requirements. bridge.

"The requirements for quality assurance, association criteria or the legal status of the associated parties, the information shown in the projects is not enough or unclear, so the Ministry of Education and Training does not have enough grounds. for approval and public disclosure for public scrutiny," Mr. Do said.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Huu Do assessed that over the past time, the joint organization of foreign language certification exams in Vietnam mainly complied with the regulations of foreign partners, did not fully comply with the regulations on conditions and standards. The association of Vietnam's exam organization (in terms of facilities, equipment, examination staff, and supervision) leads to a number of negative effects such as exam forgery, fraud in records, and forgery of documents.

"These negatives cause bad public opinion, affect the rights of certificate holders, and affect the rights and interests of organizations that seriously implement exams and issue certificates," said the Deputy Minister. In addition, this also confuses people in choosing certificates and exam organizers, causing loss of state tax revenue and reducing the attractiveness and transparency of the business investment environment in the field of education. in Viet Nam.

According to current regulations, in order to organize an exam for the issuance of foreign language proficiency certificates, the associated parties need to make a dossier according to the form and request the Ministry for approval, including an application form, an agreement or contract between them. test organization in Vietnam and foreign language competency assessment facility, Document certifying the legal status of related parties, Scheme on organization of exams to issue foreign language competency certificates .

"If the dossier meets the requirements, the Ministry will process it as quickly as possible to ensure compliance with regulations, about 20 days," said Mr. Do, who said that after approval, it will be publicly posted on the website of the Government. Ministry to let people know.

Since last night, two IELTS test organizations in Vietnam have announced the suspension of this certification exam nationwide. As noted by VnExpress, not only IELTS but also a number of other international language certification exams such as Aptis, Cambridge English certificates (Starters, Movers, Flyers, PET, KET), HSK certificates, HSKK (assessment) International Chinese language ability), Nat-test (Japanese language ability) was also announced to be postponed earlier.

However, the postponement of the IELTS exam is concerned because of the greater need to apply for study and work applications. In recent years, many Vietnamese universities also tend to enroll students with IELTS scores combined with transcripts or high school graduation exam scores. This certificate is also widely used to recognize foreign language output standards with students, gain priority points or enroll directly in grade 10 in some provinces and cities. The current IELTS exam fee is more than 4.6 million VND one time.

Answering VTV24, Ms. Donna McGowan - Director of the British Council in Vietnam said that it is estimated that thousands of Vietnamese candidates will be affected by this decisi


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