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University in Serbia discusses introduction of the state baccalaureate, but suggests a transitional period

August 02, 2022

Original Article:

The original article requires translation.

The majority of deans declared that each faculty should have its own entrance exam in some domain, that the entrance exam should continue to exist as a type of selection, or classification of candidates for admission to the faculties.

Prepared by Natalija Sinanović
Professor Nebojša Lalić, president of the Higher Group of Medical Sciences, states that the letter also mentions the faculty's right to choose, that is, to indicate which subjects from secondary education would be important at that faculty.

"That cannot be achieved just by grouping areas and putting all faculties from that area under one hat," adds Lalić.

The story is very complex, both for high school and college students, the professors warn.

Danijel Sinani, dean of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Belgrade, says that the problem is actually that according to this system, high school students should already know what they would like to study at the age of fifteen, when they finish elementary school and when they enter high school, i.e. decide because it will be very difficult later, if this concept of the state matriculation exam is applied, to change their mind after high school and enroll in another faculty.

"This is primarily due to the fact that there is a difference in the way in which they will take the matriculation exams of grammar schools and secondary vocational schools. In fact, those who enroll in vocational schools will have a very difficult time later being able to enroll in a faculty if they are outside the field they chose in secondary school." , Sinani points out.

It is not possible to interrupt a process that already exists in one moment, points out the rector of the University of Belgrade, Vladan Đokić.

"Many faculties of the University have actually expressed their fear that without those specifics, i.e. without that classification exam, they would not be able to get adequate candidates. That is why the University's proposal is to have a transitional period of three or four years, where the state matriculation and classification exams, and in order to then compare those results and based on the analysis of the suitability of the candidates, i.e. how they are ranked according to one or another system, it is determined how justified that state matriculation system is for it to survive only as a state matriculation exam," says Đokić .

And the Conference of Universities of Serbia, which includes all state and private universities, will give its suggestions.

The introduction of the state matriculation exam has been postponed several times so far. And two rehearsals of the state matriculation exam were held,  in October last year and in April this year.

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