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Ukrainian students also apply for a four-year graduation course in Czech Republic

August 15, 2022

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First a test in mathematics and then in Czech. Pupils who apply for a four-year graduation course pass uniform entrance exams this week. Similarly, students who fled the Russian invasion from Ukraine. But instead of a test in the Czech language, they go for interviews in Czech.

Teachers in one of the classes of the Hejčín grammar school in Olomouc welcomed the applicants and explained the rules to them before the entrance exam in mathematics. "You can only have drawing supplies on the bench and we will ask you to give an invitation to the rehearsal on the other side," the cantors appeal. 

According to director Karel Goš, a total of three students from Ukraine will also come here for the entrance exams this week and next, who have applied. "They will pass the entrance exams only in mathematics, where we also have a text translated into Ukrainian, and the so-called verification of knowledge of the Czech language will follow, which will take place in the form of an interview," says Goš.

"During the interview, we will check the basics of the Czech language so that they can communicate."
The director of the Hejčín grammar school in Olomouc, Karel Goš
According to Goš, teachers do not want perfect knowledge of Czech for Ukrainian children. "During the interview, we will verify the basics of the Czech language so that they can communicate. It will be a basic interview and we believe that they will deepen their knowledge by September, "adds the director of the grammar school.

Elizabeth was the first to arrive, who has not spoken much Czech yet. She was accompanied to school by her mother Tatiana, they came from Kharkov. According to her, no one knows what will happen tomorrow and whether he will return to Ukraine quickly. That's why they want to try their luck at a Czech school. According to the director, she will find out if Liza was successful at the end of April.

1281 refugees from Ukraine applied for graduation courses
According to information from the company Cermat, which organizes uniform entrance exams, 1,281 refugees from Ukraine applied for high school graduation courses throughout the Czech Republic. The vast majority of them want to get into four-year courses, only 33 applications were submitted to multi-year grammar schools.


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