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Ukraine will not recognize Belarusian documents on education

July 12, 2022

Original Article:

The original article requires translation.

In 6 months, Belarusian certificates and diplomas of education will no longer be recognized in Ukraine. We are talking about documents issued after the denunciation of the agreement on their mutual recognition.

On April 9, 2022, the Government of Ukraine denounced the agreement with Belarus on mutual recognition and equivalence of documents on education and academic titles, Taras Melnichuk , a representative of the government in the Verkhovna Rada , said .

Thus, Ukraine withdraws from the agreement, which was signed on February 6, 1998. According to its terms, after Belarus receives a written notice of denunciation, it will be valid for another 6 months.

In six months in Ukraine they will not be recognized:
state documents on general secondary education and vocational education;
diplomas and certificates of graduation from vocational schools;
diplomas of graduation from special educational institutions;
diplomas of higher educational institutions confirming the qualification of a specialist;
certificate of awarding the academic title of associate professor;
certificate of awarding the academic title of professor.

Note that the provisions of the denounced agreement continue to apply to documents issued before the termination of the agreement , and to students who arrived in Ukraine before the termination of the agreement. The documents on education received by them will be recognized as equivalent in accordance with the provisions of this agreement.

The Agreement on cooperation in the field of certification of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of the highest qualification and the Agreement on cooperation in the field of science and technology were also denounced.


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