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Trial online BEL exams for Bulgaria high school seniors

July 29, 2022

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The exams will be in accordance with the new format of the Ministry of Education and Culture
On April 16 and 30, two more trial exams in Bulgarian language and literature for the 12th grade will be held online, fully compliant with the new format of the Ministry of Education and Science (MES). The opportunity for students to test their knowledge before the real exam is provided by the "Klet Bulgaria" publishing house, the organizers announced, quoted by BTA. 
Participants will be able to take the exam at a time convenient for them - the online matriculation exam will be available throughout the day on the two announced dates. After taking the exam, everyone will receive objective feedback from expert assessors on their overall performance - on the test portion, the open-ended questions, and the essay or essay.

By organizing these trial matriculation exams, the publishing house gives the twelfth-graders the opportunity to get a real idea of ​​the new model, according to which the mandatory state matriculation exam will be held for the first time this year.

So far, two mock online matriculation examinations have been held - on April 2 and 9, with many students testing their knowledge and getting an idea of ​​their gaps in the study material. They all have the opportunity to retest their knowledge and find out if they have built on it to perform better on the upcoming dates.

"The real state matriculation exam in Bulgarian language and literature is approaching and all twelfth graders need to mobilize if they want to achieve good results that will be useful to them later. These mock exams will give them valuable information about what areas they are lacking and which parts of the study material they should emphasize. No less important is the factor that by taking trial matriculation exams, the students gain more confidence for the real exam," commented Boyana Tabakova, the project manager from the publishing house.

"Klet Bulgaria" also developed the "M@tour" online course for preparation for the state matriculation exam in Bulgarian language and literature for twelfth graders from all over the country. The training is fully adapted to the new format of the Ministry of Education and Culture, and mentors are teachers from some of the most elite Sofia high schools. In addition to the structured information they provide, the program also includes a large range of digital resources for practice, mind maps, electronic christology and valuable advice from a psychologist to deal with stress around the exam.

All participants have meeting recordings that they can access throughout the course. A free trial matriculation exam was held before the start of the training, as well as an intermediate exam during the course, with the results showing that 60 percent of the students had significantly improved their score compared to the first matriculation exam. The training will end with a final trial matriculation exam, with which the students will find out to what extent they are prepared for the real state matriculation exam.


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