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Three baccalaureate candidates alleged to have shared false topics in Tana

January 06, 2021

Original Article:

The dissemination of false subjects of the current baccalaureate examination continues. Last Saturday, false subjects of the bac were published in social networks. Three localities are affected by this situation, Antalaha, Ihorombe and Antananarivo.

For Antananarivo, three candidates for the baccalaureate were investigated at the offices of the Gendarmerie in Ankadilalana yesterday for presumption of distribution of false subjects of the baccalaureate, according to a source from the constituency of the Gendarmerie of Analamanga, reached by telephone. In addition, a source at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research explained that the three young people surveyed in Ankadilalana shared baccalaureate subjects in the social network Facebook. But, upon investigation, said shared topics turned out to be false, because they do not respect the codification concerning the font (printing type) and the line spacing of the real subjects. Likewise, the contents of these fake subjects are different from those of the real subjects developed by authorized designers.

The Gendarmerie explained that "  according to the instructions from the Ministry of Justice, these baccalaureate candidates will be released after the investigation and after signing the minutes of the investigation, to enable them to attend all the tests. baccalaureate. On the other hand, the investigation will continue its course and after the end of the tests, all three will be examined again to find who are the real brains behind this crime  ”.

The investigation of these three candidates for the baccalaureate was still in progress when we were in telephone communication with our source at the Analamanga gendarmerie yesterday at 7 p.m. and 27 minutes.

Preventive dentention

In addition, last Saturday, four individuals accused of having shared false subjects of the baccalaureate on the social network Facebook were remanded in custody in the central house of Antalaha, including a professor of History-Geography.

Faced with this situation, the Ministry of Higher Education expressed its gratitude to the efforts made by the police and the Ministry of Justice regarding this case.

As a reminder, shortly before the 2019 baccalaureate session, there were leaks of topics causing unrest and panic among many candidates and which necessitated the government's decision to proceed to a second session that year. .

The exams scheduled for this first day of the bac are Philosophy for the morning and English for the afternoon.

This article requires translation.


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