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There is no longer a limit of failures to pass the course or graduate in Spain's ESO

January 12, 2022

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The first big change brought by educational reform (the Lomloe) is already underway. The Council of Ministers approved today the royal decree of evaluation, promotion and qualification. The new rules that will govern the grades, the passing of the course and the completion of studies. It is the guideline to follow in all schools and institutes from this course on. According to the Ministry of Education, this regulation, which puts small print on the provisions of the Lomloe, seeks to reduce repetition and early school leaving, the two great burdens of the Spanish educational system, as much as possible. These are the most important changes:

Take ESO with suspensions

Obtaining or not the title in ESO will no longer depend on the number of failures that are had at the end of the fourth and last year. The decree no longer sets a specific number of subjects not passed that prevents graduation. It is a decision that is left in the hands of the team of teachers who teach the student.

Until now, a student could only graduate from ESO if they passed everything or if they failed a maximum of two subjects, as long as they were not Mathematics and Language at the same time. Now there are no limits. Students who finish fourth and have acquired, in the opinion of the teaching team, the competencies set and achieved the objectives of the stage will obtain the title of ESO. It is a collegiate decision of their teachers. The compulsory secondary degree will be unique and will not contain any final grade. Students who pass all the modules of the Basic FP cycle will also receive it.

Second opportunity
A second chance is provided for students who, due to their age, cannot continue to attend ESO and have not achieved the title. In the following two courses they will be able to try to achieve this by taking tests or extraordinary personalized activities in the subjects they have not passed. All those who have completed ESO will, in any case, receive an official certification stating the years studied and the level of acquisition of competencies achieved.

Pass without cates limits
Both in the degree and in the criteria for the promotion of a course in ESO the basic rule is identical. The teaching team, collectively, has the ultimate responsibility for both decisions. At the time of passing the course there will be no limit of failures. All students who have failed one or two subjects will promote -now there are a maximum of three-, but so will those who their teachers value that the nature of the subjects that they may not have passed allows them to continue successfully the following year and it is estimated that they have favorable expectations of recovery and that such promotion will benefit their academic evolution.

Repetition, an exception
As Lomloe advanced, repetition has to be "exceptional." Only one repetition is allowed in Primary and a limit of two until the end of ESO. In Primary it can only be repeated in the final years of the three cycles (2nd, 4th and 6th). In the others the promotion will be automatic. A third extraordinary repetition in the fourth year of ESO would only be authorized if the teachers believe that this helps the student to acquire the skills to achieve the title.

Immediate and forced reinforcements
To avoid repetitions, educational reinforcement measures will be taken as soon as it is detected that a student has problems in class and, of course, with all those who pass the course with failures. In addition, if the student must repeat, they will receive a personalized support plan so that they reach the skills they lack or they will be included from 3rd grade in a curricular adaptation program to facilitate their graduation.

End to play-offs
The decree ends with play-offs in ESO. There will be no more make-up exams at the end of the course for failed subjects. Those that were carried out in June or September, according to each autonomy. The subjects are approved or not in the final collegiate evaluation. The Council of State warned the minister that it was not legal to grant the autonomies, as was their intention, a moratorium for this course already started, which allowed each Minister of Education to decide in their territory whether or not to allow recoveries for the last time . At least the Canary Islands, the two Castiles, Madrid, Galicia and Andalusia, who wanted to do their last play-offs, had asked for it, which will no longer be possible.

Baccalaureate, maximum two pending
In Baccalaureate, a specific number of failures will be set to pass. They will be the same as today, a maximum of two. The novelty is that if there is more than one failure at the end of the second year, the student can take a third year just to make up the subjects not passed without having to repeat the rest. In Baccalaureate, end-of-year repechages are kept for failed subjects.

Selectivity with a fail
The regulation develops one of the novelties of the Lomloe, the possibility, in exceptional cases, that a young person can graduate in Baccalaureate despite having a failed subject. The norm is to approve everything, but the teaching team may authorize the title with a failure as long as it considers that the student has achieved the objectives and competencies of the stage and that, in addition, he has had continuous attendance, has taken all the exams and recoveries, and their average grade is 5 or more.

The FP, with everything approved
The degree in intermediate or higher degree or in vocational training courses will require a positive evaluation of all the modules that make up the cycle. Everything must be approved.


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