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The dates for the “Green Abitur” in 2024 have been set

February 07, 2024

Original Article:

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If you would like to take the “Green Abitur” this year, you should note down a few dates and register as soon as possible. The examination committees for the hunter examination in the Coesfeld district begin on April 22, 2024 (Monday) at 3:00 p.m. with the hunter examination 2024 (written part).

For the examination participants from the northern district area (Coesfeld Examination Committee), the written examination will be held in the large meeting room of the district administration (Room 130, Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 7, 48653 Coesfeld) and for the examination participants from the southern district area (Lüdinghausen Examination Committee) in the Vischering Castle, Vorburg , Berenbrock 1, 59348 Lüdinghausen.

The shooting test will take place on April 23, 2024 (Tuesday) at the DJV shooting range in 48653 Coesfeld-Flamschen. The oral-practical part of the hunter examination will be held over a total of two days: Exams are scheduled for April 24, 2024 (Wednesday) and April 25, 2024 (Thursday). The examination location for the oral-practical examination for the examination participants in the northern district area (Coesfeld Examination Board) is the Coesfeld district administration (Room 201, Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 7, 48653 Coesfeld). The oral-practical examination for the examination participants from the southern district area (Lüdinghausen examination board) takes place in Vischering Castle, Vorburg, Berenbrock 1, in 59348 Lüdinghausen.

Applications for admission to the hunter test can be submitted to the District Administrator of the Coesfeld district, Department 32 - Security and Order, Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 7, 48653 Coesfeld, by February 22, 2024.

Courses to prepare for the hunter exam are offered in various locations in the Coesfeld district. Further information can be obtained from the Coesfeld Lower Hunting Authority on 02541/18-3210 or -3211. The re-examination of the hunter examination will – if necessary – take place in the second half of September 2024.


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