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Tawjihi pass rate stands at 63.1% in Jordan

November 11, 2022

Original Article:

The overall pass rate for the 2022 General Secondary Education Certificate Examination (Tawjihi) stood at 63.1 percent, the Minister of Education Wajih Owais announced on Thursday, reported Al-Mamlaka TV.

Owais, during a press conference at the Queen Rania Al-Abdullah Center for Information Technology, said that the success rate for this year are “acceptable”.

Owais added that the pass rate in the scientific stream was 73.9 percent, while the pass rate in the literary stream was 53.9 percent, and the success rate in the Sharia stream was 80.6 percent.

The number of students who sat for exams was 204,189 students, while the number of those who passed are 116,773, according to Owais. "Ten percent of students failed to attend the exam, which is in line with the annual rate,” he said.

The number of applicants from the regular students at the academic and vocational branches reached 106,866 students, and 67,351 of them passed, by 63 percent.

Owais said that no student got a full mark of 100 percent average. However, a local media outlet reported that the minister announced that Leen Momani achieved the highest mark in the scientific stream, with a score of 99.9 percent, and Leen Alaa Hussein achieved the highest score in the literary stream with a score of 99.7 percent.


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