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Tanzania Form VI Exams: public schools steal show

February 24, 2022

Original Article:

National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA) yesterday released the 2021 Form VI National Examination results (ACSE), with government schools outshining private schools.

The council also said that the pass rate has gone up by 0.11 percent, whereby last year the pass rate was 99.51 percent and this year it has increased to 99.62 per cent.

Announcing the results in Zanzibar yesterday, NECTA Executive Secretary, Dr Charles Msonde said that this year’s performance has improved due to increased number of candidates who scored division I to III.

Dr Msonde noted that the performance assessment has shown that girls’ performance for this year has gone up by 0.10 per cent compared to boys.

The pass rate has gone up this year because of the number of candidates who have performed better from division I to 11.

According to him, a total of 78,251 candidates, equivalent to 97.93 per cent have scored division I to III, with male students leading in the group by 44,186, and girls 34,065 in many subjects, including General Studies, History, Geography, English language, French language, Physics, and basic applied mathematics.

He said a total of 89,802 candidates were registered for the national exam in May this year, of which 38,018 were girls and 51,784 boys. Dr Msonde said public school candidates were 81,143 while private candidates were 8,659.

He said that of the 89,802 registered candidates, 88,273 sat for the exams while 1,529 failed to sit for the exam due to various reasons, including absenteeism.

According to Dr Msonde, a total of 87,043 boys, equivalent to 99.06 per cent have passed the exam, and 37,322 girls, equivalent to 99.47 have also excelled in the exams.

In last year’s exam, the pass rate increased by 0.03 per cent from 98.32 of 2019 to 98.35 per cent, where girls outshined boys by 0.89 per cent.

The top ten best schools, including only two private schools are Kisimiri in Arusha, Kemebos (private) in Kagera, Dareda in Manyara, Tabora Girls in Tabora, Tabora boys in Tabora, Feza Boys (private) in Dar es Salaam; Mwandet in Arusha, Zakia Meghji in Geita, Kilosa in Morogoro, and Mzumbe in Morogoro.

The leading administrative regions in the past three years in good performance are Singida, Lindi and Mara, while Mara, North Pemba, and Katavi regions have been maintained to produce best results in the country.

Dr Msonde expressed gratitude to the students, executives in all regions, law enforcers and leaders in all areas and staff for the good work in ensuring discipline in the examinations, and that students who missed the exams due to sickness are allowed to re-sit.

Meanwhile, NECTA has nullified the results of 27 candidates over cheating. Dr Msonde said that out of 27 candidates, 25 are public school candidates and two are private candidates.

The Council has also withheld results of 22 public school candidates who got health complications during the exams and failed to complete the exam schedule. He said that the candidates have been given an opportunity to do the exams in May next year.

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