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SaberEs 2024-2027 Program Information

May 23, 2024

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SaberEs 2024-2027 Program Information – Saber 11th Test Registration Payment 2024

Special greeting,

We are pleased to inform the educational community that, starting this year, 2024, the SaberEs program, Municipal Agreement No. 063 of 2017, will be reactivated, based on strengthening the approach to education and competency-based evaluation. The program, following criteria of the Ministry of National Education, will resume 1) the strategies that test the cognitive competencies achieved by the students, 2) the days of critical appropriation of results obtained in said experiences and that address improvement actions at the individual level. (student), group (teachers) and institutional (Educational Establishment and Ministry of Education), in addition, 3) the development of experiences to strengthen competencies for students and strengthening the educational model and planning for teachers and teaching managers.

Additionally, the execution of the program includes the payment of registration for the official Saber 11º 2024 tests, for those students belonging to classification groups A and B of the Sisbén of the District of Medellín in accordance with the official registration base with a cut-off date of 31 March and the latest certified database of Sisbén IV of the National Planning Department.

On the other hand, to ensure success in the ICFES registration process for those students classified in the aforementioned Sisbén groups, the Educational Establishment must prioritize the necessary actions so that once the resources enter the institutional account, they are immediately Complete the payment process no later than May 10, 2024, the deadline for registration and ordinary collection provided by the entity. In the case of not completing the procedure within the indicated dates, it must be taken into account that late payment implies a higher value to be paid per student, which is not contemplated.

It is important to raise awareness among the educational community, especially families and students, of the commitment to responsible attendance when taking the test; since, in previous periods, absences close to 10% have been reported.
Any concerns will be attended to by professionals Erika Andrea Arango, to the email and Alejandro Ramírez Madrid, to the email

We maintain our commitment to the continuous improvement of education and the strengthening of educational trajectories. Likewise, we invite you to participate in the development of the SaberEs program with critical and creative commitment.
Attentive to any observation and/or requirement in this regard

Medellín District Education Secretariat


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