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Public sector high school students are about to start accelerated English classes virtually in El Salvador

November 30, 2021

Original Article:

The original article requires translation.

Young people who study high school in public sector classrooms will soon enter intensive English classes virtually, through an internet platform, informed the minister, Carla Hananía de Varela, when speaking about educational innovations.

"The first thing that is going to start up is an accelerated English program through a platform that many of you will know, the Platzi platform," he said in a morning interview.

Platzi, according to what it publishes on its website, is an online education service where you can access more than 700 courses, including English.

The company points out that the platform is intuitive and easy to use, in addition to having different tools, such as tutorials, “meetings”, discussion forums and study groups.

According to the head of Education, who weeks ago had commented on the English project, said that they have already made an agreement with the firm that provides this virtual educational service.

“We have worked together with the Ministry of Innovation so that our high school graduates leave with an advanced level of English in 12 months. That is very possible with that platform, "he said.

He clarified that although the students who are in the last year of high school are going to launch the initiative in the middle of the year, as they will only have six months of English, they will be able to continue using the platform afterwards.

“However, with the promotion of the year 2022 it will be different, because we are going to catch the students from the beginning; and thus all this innovative methodology will go down in levels ", he stressed.

According to the words of Hananía de Varela, English is going to be a priority within the public educational service. However, he affirms that it has to be taught in a different way from how it was taught only through a teacher, because now virtual means have to be used.

The minister said that they are starting with high school because they consider that having an advanced level of English favors a high school student to continue studying and working, for others it facilitates access to scholarships.

"So we believe that in a year we can get high school graduates with a high level of English," he insisted.


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