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Portugal National exams: More than 75% of revision requests resulted in an increase in the grade

September 14, 2023

Original Article:

The original article requires translation. 

In the 1st phase of national exams, in more than three quarters of the tests that were the subject of a request to review the classification, grades increased. On the other hand, in 8% of requests the result was the opposite of what was expected, a reduction in classification.

According to data from the National Examinations Jury, provided to Correio da Manhã by the Ministry of Education, there were 4,080 requests for exam re-examination in relation to 1st phase national exams. 3855 corresponded to secondary school tests, and 225 corresponded to 9th year tests. In 3109 tests (75%) of the reassessed tests the grades went up, in 321 (8%) they went down and in 633 the initial classification was maintained.

Mathematics A was the test with the most requests for reevaluation of the test classification, followed by Biology and Geology and Physics and Chemistry A.

The numbers reveal that Descriptive Geometry A was the test, among the 10 with the most requests, in which the classification rose in the highest percentage of requests: 90%. This is followed by 9th grade Mathematics (88.4%) and Mathematics A (86.2%).

On the other hand, Portuguese was the subject in which the highest percentage of requests for reassessment of the test resulted in a reduction in the classification: in 13.7% of cases. In biology and geology the percentage was 9.4% and philosophy (8.8%).

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