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Peru Minedu will work with decentralized National Curriculum regions

January 27, 2022

Original Article:

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The Ministry of Education (Minedu) will work with the regions with the purpose of formulating a decentralized National Curriculum, said Minister Juan Cadillo when presenting the proposals of his sector in the Executive GORE that takes place in Iquitos with the participation of the ministerial cabinet and the regional governors.

The head of Education indicated that the new National Curriculum will be oriented towards problem solving with a STEAM approach (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) and that Minedu is preparing a set of measures to start the evaluation of this document taking taking into account the sociocultural characteristics of each territory.
On the other hand, Cadillo asked for the support of the regional governments to accelerate the vaccination process against COVID-19 of all the personnel who work at the different levels of the educational system in order to face the return to the classroom in safer conditions. .

In this regard, he reported that 66% of basic education personnel, 66.7% of technical higher education and 69% of university higher education personnel have already received the two doses of the vaccine.   
"From the Minedu we have made a great effort to achieve these vaccination rates and we require the support and commitment of each of the regional governments to complete 100% of the vaccination of teachers, assistants and all the personnel who work within the educational institutions," he noted.
Cadillo said that for the return to the classroom a set of protocols has been established that is working worldwide and that the possible infections that may exist in an educational institution are part of the new normality that must be faced in the context of the pandemic. .
"There is a set of studies worldwide that indicate that if we know how to respect the protocols, schools are safe spaces," he said after highlighting that in the Loreto region 100,000 students are already receiving blended classes.

After participating in the first day of the Executive GORE, in the afternoon Cadillo visited the educational institution No. 60743, in the district of Belén, which offers blended classes to primary and secondary students. Accompanied by the Vice Minister of Pedagogical Management, Vanessa Toribio Vargas, and the Vice Minister of Institutional Management, Wilfredo Rimari Arias, the Minister of Education spoke with authorities, teachers and students of the aforementioned school.


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