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Peru Minedu ensures the education of young people in rural areas

April 15, 2022

Original Article:

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In order to ensure the right to quality education for adolescents and young people in rural areas, the Ministry of Education (Minedu) established new models of educational services for this segment of the population.
Indeed, this portfolio created the new Model of Secondary Educational Service with Student Residence in rural areas (MSE-SRE), whose general objective is to improve the coverage and quality of the educational service at the secondary education level in dispersed rural areas.

In this way, it is intended to contribute to the achievement of student learning that promotes their personal, family and community development; and to the formation of its citizenship, from an intercultural approach and respect for diversity, refers to Ministerial Resolution No. 515-2021-Minedu, through which the educational strategy is created.

The MSE-SRE, already in force, is implemented in a secondary educational institution (IE) with a student residence service that welcomes students from scattered rural population centers to guarantee their access, permanence and timely completion of secondary education.


In this context, this model is developed in two training and complementary spaces, the IE and the student residence, with a pedagogical, management and support proposal that articulates the work in both spaces.

According to the model, in the secondary IE, the school day amounts to 35 weekly pedagogical hours, during which a relevant pedagogical proposal is implemented that allows the development of skills of resident and non-resident students, and the consolidation of a intercultural citizenship.

While the complementary training day in the student residence is 20 chronological hours, in which pedagogical activities and comprehensive development and well-being of the student are carried out, aimed at strengthening the identity and sense of belonging, a coexistence based on respect for differences, the development of autonomy, and collaborative and supportive work.

Therefore, it is considered that the commitment and participation of families is essential in the MSE-SRE, so that the student who benefits from the residence has the appropriate emotional support and does not dissociate himself from his family environment.


The Minedu also created the new Tutorial Secondary Education Service Model (MSE ST), which aims to improve access, permanence and timely completion of secondary education for the benefit of students from rural population centers located in dispersed areas, through a quality educational service, appropriate to their characteristics, learning needs and the socio-cultural and economic activities of their context. Therefore, the MSE ST, already in force, considers the competency-based approach and the formative assessment approach (assessments for learning and learning), as well as the transversal approaches of the National Basic Education Curriculum (CNEB). At the same time, it considers the participatory management approach to education, which specifically guides the MSE ST.


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