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Partial digital exam this autumn in Norway

August 12, 2021

Original Article:

The original article requires translation.

The reason for this is, among other things, that NTNU has extended the agreement with Trondheim municipality to use the examination rooms at Sluppen for mass vaccination, Reitan stated at the board meeting on Wednesday.

- Trondheim municipality has asked for an extension of the agreement on the use of Sluppen for vaccination, and the NTNU management has agreed to this. We believe it is right that NTNU contributes to an effective vaccination implementation when the municipality requests it. We see this as part of the volunteer work, she says in an interview with UA after the board meeting.

Earlier this year, NTNU entered into an agreement with the municipality to use the exam rooms at Sluppen free of charge. Mass vaccination is in full swing and will therefore continue after the summer.

- Do you have any thoughts about which exams will go digital and which will be exams with supervision?

We are in dialogue with the faculties about which exams should be prioritized for written exams with supervision. Exactly which exams will be held at Sluppen this autumn has not been finally decided yet.

- Some academics have expressed a strong desire that NTNU must return to the exam with supervision as soon as possible: What do you want to say to them?

I experience that there is broad agreement in the organization that Trondheim municipality will have the agreement on the use of the Sluppen premises extended. That said, I have a great understanding that some exams have a greater need for supervision than others, and we try to facilitate this in the best possible way based on the capacity will be available in the autumn, the vice-rector for education answers Marit Reitan.

- Isn't vaccination long overdue when we get to the exam period at the end of the year? How long has the agreement with the municipality been extended?

The agreement has been extended for the rest of the year. There is uncertainty associated with both vaccine deliveries and the geographical distribution of vaccines. Trondheim municipality believes that there may be a need to use the premises at Sluppen throughout the year, and we relate to the municipality's assessments in this.

Following the completion of the digital exam in the spring of 2020, there was a heated discussion about school exams versus digital home exams. Especially the professional community at Gløshaugen thought it was unjustifiable to have a home exam. Others were happy about this opportunity.

The first day of study starts is not quite as usual either. And common here means new students close together during the matriculations in Ålesund, Gjøvik and Trondheim. Instead, they should be gathered at the study program level. The rule of one meter will still apply. At the same time, Reitan assured at the board meeting that NTNU plans for life on campus to become more normal.




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