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New educational proposal on Argentina for people over 18 years old

November 05, 2021

Original Article:

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The Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Technology, Analía Cubino , signed an agreement with the Municipal and Provincial State Employees Union (SEMUP) to join forces in the implementation of a blended educational proposal , generating more opportunities for adults to study and certify the studies of the Secondary Level.

The initiative is aimed at people over 18 years of age who, for various reasons, do not have the possibility to regularly access the CENS or the popular high schools in the province.

From the Ministry of Education, they highlighted that: "the design of the blended educational proposal contributes to guaranteeing the right to education based on equalizing possibilities and opportunities."

Through this agreement, the provincial portfolio provides all the necessary human resources , as well as tutors who will assist the students, while the Secondary Level Educational Center No. 15 will carry out the pedagogical implementation of the proposal and the corresponding certification of degrees, according to the study plan established by Resolution ME Nº 2270.

Likewise, the tutorial meetings will be held inside the Nueva Argentina Cultural Center which, in addition to providing the physical space and equipment for the development of these classes, the SEMUP will collaborate with the logistics and didactic material .

Regarding the proposal, the Ministry remarked that: "because it is a blended modality, those enrolled will be able to advance in their studies according to their own rhythm and possibilities and accredit the subjects at different times of the school year".

Adding that: “for those who have finished primary school, the complete plan includes 27 subjects . Those who have subjects at the secondary level approved in any other institution may take the subjects that they owe according to the equivalences established with the current provincial study plan ”.

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