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New educational platform in Uruguay for students of Primary and Secondary Education

December 14, 2021

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With this digital tool, Plan Ceibal seeks to support the teaching of a priority area defined by ANEP. This project also has the participation of ProLEE and the Spanish Language Inspection of Basic Secondary Education.

Communication and critical thinking, as well as the ability to produce and interpret texts, are key competences in the information society. In order to develop these skills, Plan Ceibal and ANEP worked together to make this platform available.

The Language Platform, designed to involve families, teachers and students, has a collection of contents specially selected for each grade. It can complement the teaching work by offering an attractive alternative to improve the learning of the subject, and allows you to see the progress of your students and assign differentiated tasks with a focus on the personalization of teaching.

To support the teaching community in adopting this resource, complementary materials and guides were designed, as well as a variety of training proposals that aim to provide tools for teachers and students to take full advantage of the potential of this new platform.

The platform offers students the possibility of developing proposals for comprehension and production of texts based on activities of reading, listening, writing and oral presentations. In addition, it is motivated to work on the production of oral and written texts in multimedia formats, and puts each student in a position to communicate different messages to different audiences with content of their interest.

It should be noted that the Language Platform does not consume data in any of Antel's plans.

Other platforms
In this framework, Plan Ceibal has different platforms to accompany the teaching task, which have grown in number of users and time of use since the combined education was installed in March 2020. The last platforms incorporated were Matific (dedicated to the teaching of Mathematics for students from five years to sixth of Primary) and Little Bridge (within the framework of the Ceibal program in English). 

As a center for educational innovation with digital technologies in Uruguay, Plan Ceibal continuously works in conjunction with ANEP to expand and enrich its offer of training, tools and technologies aimed at the educational community.

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