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More than 73,000 high school students will take the AVANZO 2023 test in El Salvador

December 25, 2023

Original Article:

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This Wednesday, November 15, the AVANZO 2023 test begins for second-year high school students from the public and private sectors nationwide. This year, the Ministry of Education (MINED) anticipates that more than 73,000 young people will take the evaluation. This represents an increase compared to 2022, since that year there were 70,516 students.

This year the test will be developed online through the MINED evaluation system platform. Students must enter their email and password at the link https:// from their laptop, tablet or cell phone.

In the case of students with visual disabilities, low vision, and penal centers, the test will be carried out in physical format.

AVANZO is the evaluation to obtain the bachelor's degree and allows us to know the level of skill development and provides valuable information for educational institutions to improve their teaching processes. In addition, it provides information about the vocational interests and work skills of young people.

The test includes five instruments and each one will evaluate the subjects of Mathematics, Social Studies and Civics, Natural Sciences, Language and Literature and English. Each one includes a questionnaire with multiple choice answers.

Students will complete the Mathematics and Social Sciences and Civics quiz on Wednesday, November 15, while the Natural Sciences and Language and Literature subjects will be available on November 16. It is worth mentioning that the vocational questionnaire and the English diagnostic test were administered in October.

The MINED explained that young people will be able to access the evaluation from 8 in the morning until 12:30 noon. They will have approximately two hours to solve each questionnaire for the two subjects.

In the case of flexible modalities, which includes students who study in a blended, distance, night, accelerated and virtual manner, the test is scheduled for November 18 and 19. The instruments will be applied in the same order as the ordinary test.

The extraordinary evaluation will be on December 15 and applies to students with 2023 enrollment in the SIGES (Salvadoran Educational Management Information System) who for some reason could not take the ordinary test, for the student population of penal centers nationwide and for students from years prior to 2023 who have not taken the test or who have a pending subject.

AVANZO results will be available from December 11, 2023 in the student email. Young people can also consult or download the digital ballot at the following link: .

In 2020, the AVANZO test replaced the PAES, and now the Government improved the platform so that young people can take the test without complications.


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