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More than 2,500 graduates will take the Unified State Examination in the Tula Region in 2022

July 12, 2022

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In the Tula region, the early stage of the unified state exam continues, which started on March 21 and will end on April 18. During this period, graduates of previous years and college students take exams. For the bulk of graduates - and this year more than 2,500 schoolchildren are planning to take the exam in our region - exams will be held from May 26 to July 2, and there will also be an additional stage - September 5, 8 and 20, 2022.

As in previous years, in 2022, the compulsory subjects for obtaining a certificate of secondary general education are the Russian language and mathematics at the profile or basic level. Of the subjects of choice, social studies, physics, and history are most often taken.

On the territory of Tula, 16 examination points have been created on the basis of schools that fully comply with safety requirements and sanitary and epidemiological standards. They are provided with a sufficient amount of the necessary equipment for the successful completion of the exams. Recall that in recent years, examination materials have been printed and scanned in classrooms in front of USE participants. Since 2021, the USE in informatics has been held in computer form. And in 2022, the duration of the oral part of exams in foreign languages ​​slightly increased. In addition, graduates who take the exam in literature will be able to use a spelling dictionary during the exam.


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