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Italy's Maturita exam 2023: news on subjects, duration and grade

January 05, 2023

Original Article:

The second test of the 2023 high school diploma is the written exam of the State aimed at ascertaining the skills of the students acquired in the most important disciplines of each course of study, also called characterizing subjects . It takes place every year at the same time in each Italian institute, the tracks are ministerial and change from field of study to field of study.  

Last year the second test was developed internally in each school by the exam commissions but from 2023 the second written test will return to being ministerial and will take place on 22 June . If initially it seemed that the second test would not be multidisciplinary, the Ministry clarified that this year, exactly as in 2019 and as established by law, the second written test will have as its object one or more characterizing subjects - which will be established by January. 

The Ministry has recently introduced new reference frameworks and new evaluation grids for the second test of professional institutes which, starting from 2023, will be represented by a task developed by the commission according to the general indications of the MI.


Until 2018 the second test included only one discipline but the Ministry of Education decided to introduce a second characterizing subject within the test and organized two days of simulations to allow students to become familiar with the new tracks: the first was held on February 28th 2019 while the second took place on April 2nd 2019.

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