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Indonesia's 2022 National Assessment Schedule

October 25, 2022

Original Article:

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Since 2021, the Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Mendikbudristek) Nadiem Makarim has officially replaced the National Examination (UN) into the National Assessment (AN).

The 2022 Computer-Based National Assessment (ANBK) will start from September to November 2022.

Reporting from the Ministry of Education and Technology's Education Assessment Center page, ANBK 2022 is an evaluation program organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture to improve the quality of education by photographing learning inputs, processes and outputs in all educational units.

ANBK 2022 is implemented with 3 (three) instruments, namely Minimum Competency Assessment (AKM Literacy, Numeracy), Character Survey and Learning Environment Survey.

ANBK 2022 participants are students who are in the middle of school level , such as grade 4 for elementary school, grade 8 for junior high school, and grade 11 for high school which were randomly selected by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

By being carried out at the middle level, it is hoped that the results of the assessment can be used by schools to identify student learning needs. The implementation of the 2022 ANBK for SMA/SMK/MA/Equivalent levels is scheduled for the first week of September. For the SMP/MTs/Equivalent level, the 2022 ANBK is scheduled at the end of September and for the SD/MI/Equivalent level, it is scheduled at the end of October to early November 2022. 

Full schedule of test dates listed in the article.


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