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In the year of passing the CE, Belarus school graduates will not take the CT in these subjects

July 01, 2022

Original Article:

The original article requires translation. 

Today, there are more than 40 DH receiving points, the number of DH points will be increased to about a hundred - the list will be provided by the RICK. Universities, colleges and schools will be identified as points. CE must be completed by all 11th grade students in order to receive a certificate of general secondary education.

It turns out that next year all schoolchildren will have to write a test in mathematics and language in order to graduate from school and receive a certificate? Irina Anatolyevna answers whether the testing tasks are somehow transformed:

– CE tests should correspond to the typology of tasks offered in curricula and manuals. Centralized testing does a good job of ranking. But with the advent of a centralized exam, we are talking about attestation upon completion of studies in an institution of general secondary education. In the year of passing the CE, school graduates will not be able to take the CT in the subjects of the CE. However, graduates, for example, SSOs entering universities on a general basis, can take the CT in these subjects. Validity of DT results is two years, validity period of TA certificates is the same.


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