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In Japan, some qualifications for international students will be changed

September 03, 2021

Original Article:

The original article requires translation.

At Yamato Gakuen, some application requirements (Japanese proficiency) have been added from the 2022 international student entrance examination that begins in June. We will support a variety of Japanese Language Proficiency Tests and create an environment that makes it easier for international students to apply.

Taiwa Gakuen will be adding new conditions regarding the Japanese language proficiency to its application requirements for the international student entrance exam, starting with the year 2022 admission that starts in June. We will broaden the range of Japanese language proficiency exams we accept to make it easier for international students to apply.

Yamato Gakuen, a school corporation, has added application requirements (Japanese language ability) from the 2022 international student entrance examination, making it even easier to take the examination.

In addition to continuing the certification with the "Japanese Language Proficiency Certificate of Japanese Language Education Institutions" that was limited to students in 2021, a new "Ministry of Justice Notification Japanese Language Education Institution (as of March 2022) for 6 months or more Many students have taken the test, including those who have been educated in Japanese and can prove that they are at the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3 * level or higher by JPT, J.TEST, or NAT-TEST. We have prepared an easy environment.

* N2 level or higher is required for departments other than the "Hospitality Business Department", which is limited to international students.


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