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In Czech Republic, the number of schools with matriculation courses is decreasing

August 17, 2022

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In the Czech Republic, there are now fewer schools with matriculation courses than there were when the state matriculation was introduced in 2011. The decrease is probably also related to demographic development and the decrease in the number of secondary school students due to lower birth rates. The number of schools with baccalaureate subjects decreased by 13 percent in 11 years, now there are 1,106 of them. Lyceums and colleges with baccalaureate subjects decreased the most, by about a third.

The number of schools decreased most rapidly between 2011 and 2016, after which the interannual changes fluctuated. This follows from Cermat's analysis of this year's matriculation exam applications.

The largest selection is now among secondary vocational schools, of which there are 717 according to Cermat. Compared to 2011, their number has decreased by about a tenth. 231 schools offer extension studies, i.e. 12 percent less than before.

In the last 11 years, lyceums and schools that offer a high school diploma have decreased the most. The number of lyceums decreased from 203 to 135 and secondary schools from 403 to 281. The smallest decrease was in gymnasiums, of which 363 were operating in 2011 and there are 13 fewer this year. This represents a decrease of four percent.

There are more six-year high schools
When looking at the different types of gymnasiums, mainly the four-year ones decreased. Their number decreased by nine percent compared to 2011, and eight-year-olds decreased by five percent. The fewest four-year gymnasiums were in 2020, namely 276. This year there are two more.

There are 254 eight-year grammar schools - the same as there were two years ago. On the contrary, six-year grammar schools have increased over the past 11 years. While there were 52 of them in 2011, now those interested can choose from 64 across the Czech Republic. Their number has therefore increased by 23 percent.

The decline in schools is also related to the demographic development, when by around 2018 weaker and weaker grades were starting and the number of high school students was falling. In recent years, however, their number has slightly increased again. While in the school year 2011/2012 there were 501,220 pupils in secondary schools, in 2018/2019 there were around 420,800 and this year around 446,300.

In contrast to the past, a larger proportion of students are graduating from grammar schools and secondary vocational schools, while a smaller proportion are graduating from lyceums, training schools and secondary schools. This year, 50.9 percent of all students in secondary vocational schools and 30.2 percent in gymnasiums pass their matriculation exams.

Matriculation tests are approaching, interest in mathematics is again less
Cermat previously reported that 73,774 students applied for the state matriculation exams this year, of which 70,084 will be taking the matriculation exam for the first time. The tests will be written from May 2 to 5.

According to the law, the state baccalaureate is compulsory in Czech, and students choose the second subject between mathematics and a foreign language. This year, 57,858 students, i.e. 82.6 percent of all, applied for a foreign language, and most of them chose English, as is traditional.

The popularity of mathematics among high school graduates continues to decline. This year, roughly 17 percent of students took the state didactic test, i.e. about two percentage points less than last year. So the others preferred a foreign language.

Language classes can be held together with practical exams from April 1, for oral exams there is a period from May 16 to June 10. School principals decide on a specific date.


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