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In CZ, it is possible to apply secondary school electronically

February 13, 2024

Original Article:

The original article requires translation.

The DiPSy digital application system for secondary school applications for the 2024/2025 school year was launched this evening. Applicants and their parents can submit applications until February 20. The application can be submitted completely online using the Citizen Identity. Without it, it is possible to fill in the application in the DiPSy system and then print and send it. The option to submit an application "in the old fashion" on paper also remains valid. Newly, applicants can apply to up to three schools/majors.

Applicants and their legal representatives can find all the necessary information and access to the DiPSy system at .  

The Ministry of Education decided to introduce digitization of the admissions process with the aim of facilitating the application process and clarifying the classification of applicants to schools based on their preferences and how they succeeded in the entrance exams. Thanks to the digitization of the process, applicants and their legal representatives will no longer go around schools with enrollment slips that are being cancelled. The system itself assigns applicants to schools according to their results and the order of schools listed on the application form, which is now binding.

Therefore , it is in the best interest of the applicant to write in the application the order of fields of study according to their real interest - in the first place, the field where they really want to go the most, and in the third place, for example, put the field where there is a higher probability of acceptance. There is no point in being tactical in this case. The system assigns you 'in the ranking' to the school with the highest enrollment, where you will succeed," said Minister of Education, Youth and Sports Mikuláš Bek.

If the applicant refuses to join the school to which he was assigned and gives up his place, he will not automatically advance to the school enrolled in a lower position, even if he also succeeds there. He must submit a new application for the second round.

" We also recommend that you submit at least one application to the matriculation field, and thus take a unified entrance exam. You will have two attempts even with a single application for the matriculation course. In the second and subsequent rounds of the admission procedure, the uniform entrance exam is no longer taken, and without passing it in the first round, it is not possible to be admitted to the matriculation field ," the minister added.

Submitting an application through the DiPSy system is very simple. The DiPSy system is connected to the population register and when using the citizen's electronic identity, after logging in, it searches for the relevant applicant and offers an application pre-filled with basic information about the applicant. After filling out the entire application and possibly inserting scanned or photocopied attachments (depending on what the school requires as part of the admissions process), the application is sent with one click. That's it, nothing needs to be printed, nothing is carried anywhere. Principals of secondary schools can find the application and attachments in the system.

Another option offered by the DiPSy system is to submit an application without a citizen's identity or other national identification authority. Here, however, it is no longer possible to use the connection with the population register, it is necessary to fill out the entire application in the DiPSy system. Subsequently, a statement will be sent to the applicant's email, which must be printed, signed and physically taken to all schools to which the applicant applies.

Applicants who applied for fields with talent tests in the fall can also apply for up to three other fields of study. In February, they can write up to five fields of study in their application – in addition to the maximum two talent fields they applied for in the fall, they can choose three other fields, matriculation and non-matriculation.

In case of problems, it will be possible to contact the email intended for questions from the public: . The DiPSy system is compatible with all operating systems. Applications can also be submitted to the DiPSy system via mobile phone.


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