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In Algeria, end of year exams: registration begins on November 21

November 21, 2023

Original Article:

The original article requires translation.

"The ministry informs all students educated in public and private establishments, including students of the national arts high school which will this year see the first class of Baccalaureate candidates in the Arts sector, as well as independent candidates, that the Registration for the Brevet d'enseignement supérieur (BEM) and Baccalauréat exams (2024 session) will begin Tuesday, November 21, 2023 at eight a.m. (08:00) and will last until Thursday, December 21, 2023, at midnight (00:00). )”, we read in the press release.

"As part of the generalization of the (zero paper) policy, it was decided, from this session, to abandon the paper submission for registration for these two exams, and to simply complete the application form. electronic registration available via the ministry's information system and on the websites of the National Office for Examinations and Competitions (ONEC).

Electronic payment will also be adopted exclusively for the payment of registration fees, as part of the pursuit of the national digital transformation strategy, particularly with regard to the immateriality of registration procedures for school exams, in order to facilitate the operation and save candidates, particularly independent candidates, the hassle of traveling to the Education Departments or educational establishments to register.

Registrations will be made as follows:

Concerning schooled candidates, the process is carried out at the level of educational establishments via the digital platform of the sector's information system, where it is the responsibility of "the heads of educational establishments to register the students concerned by these two exams"As for independent candidates, the registration procedure is carried out by completing the electronic form available on the ONEC websites, for the Baccalaureate and for the BEM, adds the same source.

The ministry recommended "the creation of personal accounts for each candidate, which will be used for the payment of registration fees, review of data, withdrawal of invitations and consultation of results, as follows:

Concerning school candidates, an individual account (user name, password) is created for each student. Parents can obtain information about this account via  the parents area  or through the administration of the educational establishment.

- The free candidate is responsible for opening his own account via the two ONEC sites as appropriate (user name, password).

The ministry explained that registration fees "will be paid from this session only via the electronic payment service, using the "Edahabia" electronic payment card from Algérie Poste and the candidate's account as mentioned above (name username, password) by accessing the following sites.


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