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In addition to the regular one, a probationary matura is being written in Croatia

September 14, 2021

Original Article:

The original article requires translation. 

Students who will be graduates of the next school year attended part of the classes according to the new curricula. The state matriculation exam, which is being conducted in 2022, will be adjusted to these curricula. Although trial exams adapted to the new curricula were scheduled for spring 2021, they have been canceled. However, the state secretary in the Ministry of Education said yesterday that they will still be implemented next school year. The NCVVO explains that the trial graduation will still look a little different from the regular one.

In the next school year, two matura exams will be held, first one trial state matura , and then a full state matura which will have mixed elements of the old curriculum and the new curriculum, said yesterday in Parliament Ivica Šušak , State Secretary at the Ministry of Science and education during the debate on amendments to the NCVVO Act.

'Teachers will be able to apply these exams independently in their classes'

This prompted an avalanche of questions, primarily among students who will be graduating in the next school year. We asked the National Center for External Evaluation of Education what the probationary exam announced by the Secretary of State should look like .

Natalija Ćurković , Senior Expert Advisor in the Research and Development Department of NCVVO, explains that the trial matura will be conducted because in the next school year the first generation of high school graduates will join the state matura. and regular state matriculation exams.

- So, the state matura exams will be harmonized with what was taught in the classes, Ćurković tells us.

The National Center is already preparing mock exams for all subjects. But a probationary graduation will not look like a regular one.

- Teachers will be able to apply these exams independently in their classes. So, it is not about classic high-risk exams such as the regular state matura, but about the fact that the Center has prepared trial exams and accompanying materials that will serve students and teachers to get acquainted with the contents and outcomes that are being examined. The center will then conduct questionnaires for students and teachers whose goal will be to gain insight into experiences and opinions related to the new exams, explains Ćurković.

Since students will write mock exams before the regular graduation exam, we also ask if they will contain material from all four grades of high school.

- The exams will contain all four grades, but each teacher will be able to make an independent decision on whether to apply the exam in full or to conduct it several times depending on the scope of teaching content and outcomes adopted in teaching, says Curkovic.

Online implementation of mock exams is considered

He points out that the goal of these mock exams is to better prepare high school graduates and teachers to take the exams in the next school year. He adds that the NCVVO is considering conducting these mock exams online.

- The possibility of applying exams in online form is also being considered, which would be offered to schools as one of the possibilities of applying exams. We believe that such an approach to mock examinations, as part of the regular teaching process, will be very effective in preparing students for the state matriculation exam, says Ćurković and emphasizes that NCVVO will 'communicate intensively with schools about everything and all students and teachers will be fully informed about the new exam concept '.

By the way, the third-grade students, ie those who will be graduating next year, were supposed to write their final exam in the spring of the school year. But that was canceled, as they said at the time in the NCVVO, because at that point the implementation would be ‘too much of a burden for schools and students’. The NCVVO, whose director at the time was still Ivana Katavić , said at the time that 'the harmonization of exam catalogs for the state matura in 2022 with the new subject curricula was completely natural and did not lead to major changes in the catalogs themselves.'

- Also, not only did the outcomes for most subjects not change significantly in the catalogs, but the structure of the exam did not change significantly, said the NCVVO after the cancellation of the probationary exam that was to be held in the spring, and you can read more here .

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