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Head of Government of Mexico City proposes to eliminate the Comipems exam to enter high school

September 19, 2022

Original Article:

The original article requires translation.

In a virtual conference, the president of the capital recalled when she was a student and activist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico ( UNAM ) and considered that after the strikes of 1988, schools such as the highest house of studies should not have this type of exam. 

"In the United States , for example, young people go to the high school that is closest to their home, that's how it should be in the city and in our country, there shouldn't be an entrance exam," Sheinbaum said in a session of media questions and answers.

He estimated that higher education should be promoted in the country for free at the end of high school and that all graduates of that level should have "a space to be able to do it."

“So, we still have to continue working hard for the great rights in our city and in our country and, in particular, in higher education , continue promoting quality public higher education, where everyone who finishes high school and has want to go to college, have a space to do it,” Sheinbaum said .

He added that young people who complete the approved secondary level "would not have to take an exam to see what type of upper secondary education they are going to."

“Yes, from my perspective, a young person who leaves high school with a passing level would not have to take an exam to see what type of upper secondary education he or she is going to, but there should be a high school near each one. of our homes”, Sheinbaum abounded .


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