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Grades Threshold on Math's State Matura Exam Lowered after Protests

August 19, 2021

Original Article:

Albanian Center for Educational Services (QSHA) has published Tuesday on its official website the decision to reduce the minimum point limit for each grade for the Mathematics exam in the State Matura.

This decision following the statement of the Minister of Education, Evis Kushi came after the protests of the high school seniors for the Mathematics thesis claiming that it was difficult, thus demanding a reduction of the points threshold.

Earlier today, the graduates underwent the final exam by giving up the boycott of which they had threatened if their demand was not completed.

Decision by the QSHA below:

State Matura Committee 2021, established by order no. 325, dated 03.11.2020 "On the establishment of the State Matura Committee 2021", discussed the mathematics exam held on 11.06.2021 for which the members of KOMSh came out with the decision on:

  • a. Establishment of an independent working group, with experts in the field of mathematics, experienced teachers and graduates, to analyze in detail and evaluate very carefully each question in the test, compliance with the program, scientific accuracy and level of difficulty.
  • b. To take into consideration the fulfillment of the request of the seniors for lowering the minimum limit of points for each grade, according to the recommendations of the working group based on the presented concerns of the graduates, teachers and parents, taking into account the situation of an abnormal and hard school year due to the pandemic.
  • c. KOMSh and subordinate structures of MASR (DPAP/ DRAP, ASCAP, QSHA) having to prepare an in-depth analysis, in order to identify all possible problems and complete review of the entire matura process, regulatory acts for this process and its administration.

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