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Grade improvements will replace internal rankings for Portugal Secondary schools

November 29, 2021

Original Article:

The original article requires translation.

1th graders cannot yet enroll for improvement as they do not yet have an internal classification given by the schools. The improvements will only count towards the average admission to Higher Education and will replace the internal rankings.

"In practice, students will have two averages: one for completing secondary education, which will be included in the diploma passed by schools; another for calculating access to Higher Education", explained José Eduardo Lemos, president of the Council of Schools, to JN. The director of the Secondary School of Póvoa do Varzim considers that the deadline was "too short" but assures that there is a possibility for students to enroll outside the limit, as long as they pay a fine of 25 euros.

Registration opened on Thursday with the entry into force of the regulatory order and end today. Students had to ask the administrative services of schools to access the computer platform to change their registration and enroll in exams for improvement. After the application, establishments have four working days to validate.

The grade obtained in the exam will replace the grade given by the schools, as long as it is a higher value.

"Students are very happy with this solution because they have nothing to lose", defends to JN the director of the Ourém group, director of the national association of directors (ANDAEP), Sandra Pimentel.

The possibility of improving grades in subjects was not possible last year, due to restrictions imposed on assessment due to the pandemic. The exams only counted for admission to Higher Education and not for the completion of Secondary. The Government approved the same rules for this school year, but in Parliament, all benches except the PS approved a diploma that gave students the chance to improve their grades. This law was published on the 25th in the Diário da República and gave the Government, it should be remembered, a deadline to fulfill, until May 31st, a period of extraordinary inscriptions.

Thus, students who are in 12th grade and wish to improve grades in 11th or who have already completed Secondary in other years but intend to apply for Higher Education, this year, can enroll in the exams of the first phase which takes place between 2 and July 16th. 11th or 12th graders wishing to improve grades obtained this school year can only make improvements in the second season between 1st and 7th September.


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