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Good Matura results: Over 99 percent passed in Lower Austria

September 12, 2022

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Around to cheering for the graduating classes of 2022: Most of them have passed the written exams. Most of the ones were in German, most of the five in mathematics. Keep your fingers crossed until the end of June - that's how long the oral exams will run.

Many of the 7,400 high school graduates in Lower Austria can already take a deep breath. The oral exams will run until June 29th. But some have already passed the biggest test of their school career. And the results of the written exams are impressive: "Despite all the challenges, the high school graduates achieved good results and did a great job and can now take their well-deserved vacation and then start their studies or directly into their professional life," say ÖVP- Education Minister Christiane Teschl-Hofmeister and Education Director Johann Heuras. 

The figures confirm this: 99.4 percent of the high school graduates passed the exam in German and 99.3 percent in English. At the AHS, most fives were again in mathematics: Nevertheless, 99.1 percent of those who took part passed the matriculation examination this year. In the BHS, the numbers are similar. Here 99.5 percent made it in German, 99.4 percent in English and 97.9 percent in mathematics. Overall, the results are slightly better than in the previous year and comparable with the nationwide results.

Most of the A's were in English
As far as top performance is concerned, the graduating class of 2022 can also keep up with its predecessors: At the AHS, 21.9 percent of the young people have a "very good" in German, 27.5 percent in English and 19.0 percent in mathematics. In the BHS it is 16.7 percent with a "very good" in German, 22.8 percent in English and 12.8 percent in mathematics. 

“This year, too, the Matura examinations could be held without any negative incidents. We would like to thank the school management, the teachers and the high school graduates for their great commitment and perseverance,” say Teschl-Hofmeister and Heuras.

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