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Germany Simplifies Conditions For Admission To Universities For Ukrainian Refugees

August 05, 2022

Original Article:

It is now easier for Ukrainian refugees to enter German universities. This applies to those who studied their last year at school in Ukraine, but because of the full-scale Russian invasion, could not pass the final exams and receive a certificate, as well as those who started studying at a Ukrainian university, but did not complete the first year for the same reason.

This is reported by DW.

So, according to the current rules, only those applicants whose education formally corresponds to the German matriculation certificate (Abitur) can apply to German universities.

Since German schoolchildren study for 12-13 years, that is, longer than Ukrainian ones, the missing years must be "compensated."

Therefore, Ukrainians with a certificate of complete general secondary education must additionally unlearn one year either at a university in their homeland or at a pre-university training college in Germany - and only after that do they receive the right to higher education at a German university.

An important condition for admission is the availability of a certificate from a domestic university and a school certificate.

Now, by decision of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Culture of the federal states of Germany, an exception has been made for those who fled the war in Ukraine.

And without the corresponding document, first-year students can apply for a study place directly to one of the universities in Germany.

There are usually no entrance exams, but knowledge of the German language is required if the specialty is not English. And eleventh-graders can enter the college of pre-university training without a certificate.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, this year, applicants will take the EIT in the form of a national multi-subject test.

Earlier, Ukraine received USD 88.6 million from the World Bank to reimburse academic and social scholarships.


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