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France Baccalaureate 2023 and its challenges: teachers' strike, blockages of high schools, pension reform strike

April 03, 2023

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Never since their inception have these exams gone off without a hitch. After being shaken up by the epidemic, the 2023 baccalaureate specialty exams are once again disrupted. The approximately 536,000 candidates in the general and technological sectors who are expected in the examination centers from this Monday, March 20, will have to work in full mobilization against the pension reform. What to do in the event of a transport strike? Under what conditions will the exams take place? And what are the risks for this new edition? TF1info takes stock. 

A "specific device"
Delays tolerated.

The graduates should not be affected by the "general strike" demanded by the inter-union on Thursday March 23 , the tests ending on Wednesday. That said, some transport will remain severely disrupted, such as in Lille where a strike is planned across the entire network from Monday. To deal with this eventuality, the Ministry of National Education has announced that in the event of a transport disruption, if the delay of a candidate to his examination center does not exceed "one hour", " the end of the test is delayed by as much" for this bachelor . "Whatever happens, the students will not have any paper to produce in case of delay. They will be well received and everything will go well", the director general of school education. 

Additional supervisors mobilized.

Once there, under what conditions will the graduates work? Faced with the use of 49.3 to pass the highly contested pension reform , teacher unions have filed a strike notice which covers the period of the specialty tests. In a press release published on Friday, several organizations, including the first high school union, called for mobilization "during the specialty tests, including by the surveillance strike where possible". Faced with the risk of seeing classes without supervision, the Ministry of National Education once again wanted to be reassuring. “Additional supervisors” will be mobilized during the tests to replace any striking teachers. 

Measures against blockages.

Since the start of the protest against the pension reform, many high schools have been blocked to show the discontent of the youngest. So, beyond the transport and teacher strikes, some fear that the establishments in which the exams will take place will be inaccessible. A risk that the Ministry of Education has also taken into account. In a press release published Friday evening, Pap Ndiaye specified "that in the event of difficulties, the necessary arrangements will be made to allow candidates access to examination centers in conjunction with the departmental prefectures". As for the copies, “all digitized”, they “will benefit from a follow-up throughout the correction process”.

With this communication, the Minister prefers to reassure. And to show that all the conditions are met for this event to finally take place in good conditions. A fundamental message for baccalaureate holders, these tests representing 32% of the baccalaureate mark.


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