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France Bac 2022: correctors claim that certain grades have been increased without their agreement

July 06, 2022

Original Article:

The original article requires translation.

“In my discipline, all the notes have taken a point”, testifies a professor of history and geography on social networks. Like him and while the candidates work, Thursday, May 16,  on the French exams for the bac , many correctors of the specialty exams express their dismay after discovering that the marks attributed to certain copies were then raised without their knowledge. . An action facilitated by the digitization of corrections. Now, a note can be edited with just a few clicks for an entire batch of copies.

Unions fear possible abuses
Each year, a harmonization of grades is carried out in order to reduce any differences in grades between the batches of the different correctors. But this practice  "must be done at the time of correction by the correctors themselves, under the guidance of the inspectors" , specifies Éric Nicollet, representative of the SUI-FSU, the inspectors' union. “ Today, we have a computer system that allows us, after the correctors have stopped the notes, to modify them again, explains Éric Nicollet. 

The representative of the SUI-FSU fears that this process could "then allow drifts, perhaps towards instructions for displaying notes which would depend on strategic choices, more political choices. We absolutely want to protect ourselves from these possible drifts."

The SUI-FSU has publicly expressed its concern – which is quite rare – as well as the teachers' unions about this phenomenon of marks being increased without the agreement of the correctors. The inspectors ask for explanations from the Ministry of National Education. "We have not changed the process",  have already replied the teams of Pap NDiaye". According to them, only  "the display"  has been modified, "but there have been no national instructions to raise the notes ".


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