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Evaluating Japan's Common Test for University Admissions

March 07, 2022

Original Article:

Regarding the Common Test for University Admissions, which was held for the first time this year, on June 29, the National Center for University Entrance Examinations was a problem evaluation and analysis committee that summarized the problems of each subject and subject based on the opinions of high school teachers and educational research groups. Published the report. While there was a favorable evaluation that the content asked about thinking ability, which is one of the aims of the common test, there were also comments requesting future consideration for problems in some subjects / subjects.

The report is for each subject / subject of the first examination conducted on January 16th and 17th and the second examination conducted on January 30th and 31st. At the meeting, what was submitted by the committee members as the opinions and evaluations of the teachers in charge of high school subjects ▽ Those where the center requested the submission of opinions and evaluations from national education and research organizations and received answers ▽ Question creation It consists of opinions based on the self-inspection of the subcommittee. For each problem, we analyzed the content / scope, quantity / level, and expression / format.

In "World History B", as an opinion from a high school teacher, questions on the theme of how to handle materials and falsification of materials make the examinees aware that history is a historical event constructed by materials, and it is a message. It was evaluated as strong.

On the other hand, he also pointed out that it is necessary to calmly analyze whether the question itself is to properly judge the ability of the student. Assuming that some questions have simple reading questions and those questions are combined with knowledge questions as one question, these questions should be asked separately for knowledge questions and reading skill questions. And said.

In "Chemistry", multiple answer combination questions and multiple correct / incorrect combination questions were asked, and there was an opinion requesting a review because the correct answer rate would decrease and the burden on the examinees would increase.

In addition, the National Federation of English Education and Research Organizations, which conducted opinions and evaluations on English, will utilize AI technology in the future to read and write in the reading test and listen and speak in the listening test. Suggested to consider measuring each. Since the use of private tests has multiple evaluation criteria, there is a problem in ensuring fairness, but it is said that this problem can be solved by unifying the evaluations in the common test.

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