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El Salvador education will evaluate student achievement in 2020 to see impact of the pandemic

November 12, 2021

Original Article:

The original article requires translation.

The authorities of the Ministry of Education (MINED) reported today that from June 28 to July 27 they will apply a diagnostic test of knowledge to 800,000 students, from third grade of secondary education to second year of high school, both from the public and private sectors.

This test has been called "Knowing my achievements" and according to the Minister of Education, Carla Hananía de Varela, despite the fact that they have made efforts to provide educational continuity through different strategies, such as printed guides, the use of the digital platform , classes through television and radio, it is necessary, through this tool, to identify what students have managed to learn last year during the quarantine that occurred due to the pandemic.

This exam, which will be applied in virtual and printed form, will cover the basic subjects: Language and Literature; Social and Civic Studies; Science, Health and Environment, as well as Mathematics.

"In a responsible way, the Ministry has to evaluate, because we cannot stay with the regional evaluations made by international organizations, we have to know what impact the pandemic had on knowledge, on children's learning," he said during an information conference.

Hananía de Varela said that this test, with which they do not seek to pass or fail anyone, will also allow them to define what strategies they can apply to level the students who require it, something in which they are already training educators.

"We need to know how to improve learning processes, always through blendedness and through the various platforms in a context of a pandemic that still exists," he explained.

Simultaneously, the students will be subjected to another evaluation to find out their socio-emotional state, although in this case it will only be done with schoolchildren from fourth grade to first year of high school.

The directors of public and private educational centers must register their institution no later than Sunday, June 26, on the site, where they must enter the infrastructure code and other institutional information.

According to the Minister's statement, to take the test virtually, students must enter the platform, while for public sector students who have connectivity difficulties, nearly a million of booklets of the four subjects for about 250,000 students.

"Each departmental director of Education has distributed the printed version of the test in each educational center," he said.

In the case of the printed edition, each student must solve a booklet for each subject, which consists of 35 questions. While for the virtual test the students will have 24 hours to solve the booklets of all the subjects.

The students will not have individual grades, the results will only be known by the teachers and the education ministry with a view to knowing how to strengthen the possible gaps that have been left.


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