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Educational authorities and directors of official schools seek alternatives to the educational process

December 07, 2021

Original Article:

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The deficiencies and labor solutions for maintenance and repair, the disbursements of the items of the Fund for Equity and Quality of Education (FECE), among other issues, raised before the educational authorities, directors of official schools from various sectors of the province of Panama.

Among the presentations to Minister Maruja Gorday de Villalobos were those related to biosafety measures for students, teachers, administrative staff and parents.

Gorday de Villalobos and the Director General of Education, Guillermo Alegría, responded to some of these concerns, including those related to the FECE, reiterating that the procedure applied in these cases is the presentation of the accounting report of the previous year , to manage the 2020 deposits that they request.

The director of the Virgen de Guadalupe School, José Alberto Ríos, specified the importance of dialogue and that educational authorities know the problems that arise in educational centers, "but also seek solutions and alternatives for schools to function."

They proposed the creation of industrial and agricultural high school graduates for the East Panama region, because many students drop out of schools, because they are not interested in baccalaureate degrees in science or commerce, and that, due to the characteristics of the area, they require other educational offers that guarantee them a faster job position.

The deputy director of the Ángel Rubio Professional and Technical Institute, Félix Alvarado, affirmed that, rather than complaining, they present alternatives, for example, he stated that in the absence of maintenance personnel, the Technological University of Panama should be consulted to bring graduates who can draw or calculate materials for jobs in these schools.

"At Ángel Rubio we have to see how to move forward and we have agreements with companies that recruit and fight students for professional internships in auto mechanics, construction and electricity, in some cases, they train them and stay to work right there", Alvarado said.

In addition, the director of the Torrijos Carter Basic Bilingual Center and president of Conadicea, Dora Santamaría, pointed out that the philosophy of our organization is dialogue, "that's why we are here, with this tool to solve problems."

The director of Engineering and Architecture, Fanny Solís, for her part, gave a detailed explanation of the 1,034 schools that this office has attended throughout the country.


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