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CZ government has allowed commission exams, they need graduates who failed in January

June 18, 2021

Original Article:

The approval of the commission exams, which the government exempted from measures against coronavirus on Sunday, is intended to pave the way for high school graduations and high school students who did not pass a subject in the first half of the year. The condition for admission to the school-leaving examination is the successful completion of the first half of the school year this year.

Already at the end of January, the Ministry of Education determined that unsuccessful students will be able to participate in the spring graduation dates if they manage to pass the corrective commission exams by 31 March. This follows from the Ministry's extraordinary measure on graduations and from information published by the Office on the website about the operation of schools as of today.

Due to measures against covid-19, only kindergartens and special schools and first and second grades of primary schools remain open. Others have compulsory distance learning. By declaring a new state of emergency, which followed on from the previous one, nothing has changed. Through crisis measures, the government has decided that schools will remain in the same regime as before. The only change concerns the authorization of corrective and substitute commission examinations in secondary schools and conservatories.

At the end of January, the Minister of Education, Robert Plaga (for YES), announced changes in the form of this year's school-leaving examinations in connection with the ongoing epidemic and distance learning. In addition to the abolition of language styles, for example, anyone who has passed in the first half of the year will be admitted to graduation. Those who failed or were not evaluated will first have to pass corrective or replacement commission exams. If they apply for the exam by March 31 and pass the exam, they will be able to go to graduation in the spring. Those who pass the commission exam later, by June 30, will be admitted to the high school diplomas in the autumn.

Under normal circumstances, a substitute examination is not taken before the commission and the corrective examination is usually not in the first half of the year, because the certificate in the second half of the year is decisive. This year the situation is different. According to the Ministry, the commission form of the substitute examination should ensure the greatest possible objectivity of the pupil's assessment before graduation.

According to Cermat, 72,751 students applied for the spring graduation term for the first time. State school-leaving examinations are to take place from 3 to 7 May, and school-leaving examinations from 16 May to 25 June. According to the decree of the ministry, practical graduation exams can start from 1 April, their period will last until 27 August. Students could apply for graduation until December 1.

As an exception to the ban on the presence of pupils, the government's crisis measure mentions, in addition to commission examinations, examinations for up to 10 people at universities and colleges, entrance, graduation and final examinations in secondary schools, individual consultations, state language exams for up to 10 people and practical training in medical, pharmaceutical or pedagogical fields.


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