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Colombia Saber Pro and Saber TyT tests: 70,000 students could not take them after their cancellation

July 10, 2023

Original Article:

Let us remember that after various technical problems presented during this weekend, the Colombian Institute for the Evaluation of Education - Icfes, reported that these state exams had to be postponed and rescheduled.

It is worth noting that these tests would be carried out electronically on site,  but throughout Saturday there were problems on the platform and when trying to solve the technical problems presented without success, it was decided to cancel them.

In dialogue with La FM, Andrés Molano, general director of Icfes, explained that this situation affected approximately 70,000 students.

"On Saturday morning, about 30,000 students attended the presentation of the test but unfortunately the system did not respond , and for Sunday, 40,000 students were expected to take it," Molano highlighted.

The director also pointed out that the Institute will inform all affected students, through the emails and telephone numbers registered in their registration process, the conditions and programming of the new date, time and place of application of the test.

In addition, he stressed that the rescheduling of these tests will take place on the weekends of June 10 to 25, dates that are within the scheduled exam calendar.

Finally, Molano also stressed that there was a percentage of students who managed to satisfactorily complete the test during the day of May 27 , so their results will be taken into account and will not need rescheduling.

It is worth noting that these tests are a degree requirement for thousands of students in professional careers, as well as technical and technological programs in the country.


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