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Chile's Winter PAES 2023: where to register for the test to be taken in June

April 05, 2023

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Registration for the new Winter Higher Education Access Test (PAES) opened this Wednesday , a test that will be taken on June 19, 20 and 22 and will be part of the 2024 Admission Process .

The test -which was taken for the first time at the end of last year- seeks to provide a new alternative for students seeking to enter higher education, giving the possibility of using the best scores to enter the desired institution and career.

"We are very happy and happy to start the registration process to take the Winter PAES, which, for the second consecutive year, will allow thousands of students to have one more opportunity to apply for higher education ," said the Undersecretary of Higher Education. , Verónica Figueroa Huencho .

For this year, 50,000 places will be opened so that students graduating from fourth grade can take the test.

In addition, the authority specified that there will be 45 venues nationwide , that is, 17 more venues than compared to the Winter 2022 Transition Test (PDT).

Who can take the Winter PAES
The Winter PAES is intended for high school graduates in Chile , who have a High School License or Annual Fourth High School Graduation Certificate, available online. 

The details of the Winter PAES
For this process, the PAES for Mathematical Competition 2 (M2) will have no additional cost for those who enroll in the PAES for Mathematical Competition 1 (M1), and vice versa. To do this, applicants must manually select both tests at the time of registration; If any test remains unregistered, they will not be able to take it on the day of its application.  

There is a preliminary list of courses that require an M2 in this 2024 Admission Process , which could grow, as universities will be able to add courses that require an M2. In addition, all the careers that request the PAES for Mathematical Competence 2 (M2) will give this test a minimum weighting of 5% as a selection factor.  

Where and until when to register for the Winter PAES
Registration for the Winter 2023 SEAP can be done online, from any computer or mobile device, by entering the registration platform available at  and . 

The deadline for the process is March 21, at 1:00 p.m. Said period could be brought forward if the available places are finished beforehand .


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