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Cancelling Tawjihi ‘out of the question’ - Jordan Education minister

September 08, 2021

Original Article:

Education Minister Mohammad Abu Qudais on Sunday announced that the development of Tawjihi (the General Secondary Education Certificate Examination) will begin after the completion of the current exams on July 15, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

He noted that the ministry will form a committee of specialists to examine a number of options, including the creation of a “national centre for assessment and evaluation” that will conduct national examinations. He added that examinations may not be limited to one year, as they may be two or three years in high school or before.

The announcement came during a meeting of the Central Planning Committee in the Ministry of Education.

The meeting discussed a comprehensive development process for Tawjihi, to raise its level, render its procedures clearer and more transparent and lift the psychological pressures borne by students, parents and society.

Abu Qudais, who presided over the meeting, stressed that the idea of canceling Tawjihi is “out of the question”, highlighting that an extensive and comprehensive development study of its various aspects, procedures and timing will be conducted, in a manner that preserves its prestige and reputation.

The committee also discussed the Learning Loss Compensation Programme, which the ministry will implement for four weeks, starting in mid-August.

The programme will focus on four core subjects: Arabic, English, Mathematics and Science for first through 11th graders, and enable students to move from one stage to the other.

In addition, the committee discussed the safe return for the new school year 2021-2022, which the ministry prepared in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.

The committee aims to introduce preventative measures for the coronavirus to ensure a healthy and safe learning environment. It also seeks to provide useful materials for administrative and educational staff to help them prevent the spread of the virus and limit its effects on the learning environment.

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