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Burkina Faso Ministry of Education prepare to meet the challenges of 2021

May 18, 2021

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It is in a context marked by the coronavirus pandemic on the one hand and the closure of schools due to insecurity on the other hand, that the second session of the Board of Directors of the Ministerial Sector (CASEM) is being held. the Ministry of National Education, Literacy and the Promotion of National Languages ​​(MENAPLN).

The main agenda submitted to education stakeholders is the review of the 2020 report and the adoption of the action plan for 2021.
For Prof. Khalifa Traoré, Secretary General of the Department of Education, representing the Minister, the implementation of the action plan and the 2020 program of activities made it possible to achieve satisfactory results despite the health crisis due to Covid-19. This pandemic has resulted in a slowdown in implementation following the application of restrictive measures taken by the government to deal with the disease.
Thus, under the balance sheet, the overall average physical execution rate of the MENAPLN activity program recorded in the third quarter of 2020, stands at 58.31% against a rate of 62.82% at the end of the year. same period in 2019, i.e. a decrease of 4.51%. This is largely explained by the security and health context.
As for the major achievements, according to Pr Traoré, we can note among other things the construction of many infrastructures, the completion of the 2019-2020 school year in the context of Covid-19 and the start of that of 2020. -2021. There is also the successful organization of school exams and competitions for the 2020 session, the implementation of literacy activities, the holding of the main consultation frameworks and the implementation of actions for a better management of the educational system. Regarding the budget for the 2021 action program of MENAPLN, it is estimated at 540.9 billion CFA francs.
In terms of indicators, we note, over the period from the 2015-2016 school year to the 2019-2020 school year, an upward trend in the gross enrollment rate in all levels of education. For example, at preschool, the gross enrollment rate fell from 2.9 to 6, a gain of 3.1%. At the primary level, it went from 86.1% to 90.7% in 2018, a gain of 4.6%. This trend fell back to 86.6% due to the closure of many primary schools due to insecurity.
Also, the department deplores the non-holding of important activities for the education system such as capacity building of staff at all levels. The main challenge of the ministry remains the restoration of the educational offer in the zones with strong security challenge by developing the resilience of the populations and of the education system in the face of the scourge of terrorism.
Satisfactory balance sheet
This CASEM takes place in a context at the national level marked by the expiry of the development benchmark (the PNDES), and the start of the process of drawing up the new national development benchmark on the basis of the 2021 social program. -2025. Hence the importance of this meeting so that all stakeholders can agree on the document.
For the technical and financial partners, the exchanges between the two parties made it possible to agree on a framework note for the use of resources. “Yes, we are satisfied with the results presented this morning. We can see that the government has done a remarkable job to maintain and continue to offer quality education to young people despite the major security and health challenges. We notice that it is difficult but we are very satisfied with the level of effort. The partners will continue to support the government for priority sectors ”, declared the Ambassador of Canada to Burkina Faso, leader of the technical and financial partners, Carol Vivian McQueen.


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