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Brazil Minister of Education announces Enem 2021 dates

September 30, 2021

Original Article:

The original article requires translation.

Milton Ribeiro's team planned to postpone this edition of the exam to January 2022 because of the pandemic and budget issues. But Milton Ribeiro turned back after negative repercussions. The dates were announced by Ribeiro this Monday (31) by social networks. "As I had already announced days ago, Enem 2021 will happen and will be applied this year," he wrote on Twitter.

The notice with the official dates has not yet been published. According to the minister, this should happen this week. The sheet showed last week that the government Jair Bolsonaro has not yet signed the contract with the graphics for printing the tests for the examination . The uncertainties about the dates for the exams and the changes in the head of the agency have delayed the preparatory procedures for the exam. The evaluation of the technicians in the folder is that, with each passing day, the risks to the safety and success of the exam increase. In 2019, for example, when Enem also took place in November, the contract with the printer was closed on May 21st. This has already represented delays; that year, however, the signing took a long time because the company that printed the proofs had gone bankrupt, forcing the government to change the supplier.

In the 2019 edition, this document that defines the entire schedule and guidelines for the test was published in March and, in the past, in April. In the last two years, enrollment had already been closed during this period of the year. The postponement of this process compromises several stages of organization. Only after registration ends, Inep can carry out some phases of the organization based on the forecast of who should take the test. Paper and digital applications will take place on the same dates, unlike the last edition, when the computer test was administered after the traditional exam. There is still no information on how many places will be allocated to the digital application.

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